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Digital Campaigns

My role: Creative Director and Designer

Recruitment, awareness, and engagement campaigns are frequently used tactics at Health Union. Every site runs at least 3–6 internal digital campaigns a year. I've highlighted a few favorites. These are always a collaborative efforts between the content, social, media, and creative teams.

Survey Recruitment

This is an example of a recruitment campaign to take a pulse survey on the condition overall in their Rheumatoid Arthritis community. The primary recruitment methods were paid and organic social posts, email blasts, and onsite ads.

Results: 3,511 completes with a cost per complete of ~$1.50

Survey Results Promotion

This campaign aimed to drive users to the infographic and findings from the pulse survey. The campaign content and direction are derived from common themes found in the survey results, assuming that the direction will resonate with the desired individuals, leading to click-throughs.

Results: Over 200k unique user views on the post containing survey results. The results were also shared on owned social channels organically (no paid social)

Engagement Campaign

The Plaque Psoriasis audience we sought for engagement and social growth seems to react and enjoy psoriasis memes. So, to grow the community and not have to worry about copyright or creator credit issues, we created unique memes to share on social media. We also made an editorial post to host the memes, but driving to the site was not the goal

Results: 5% social growth on instagram and slightly less on facebook.

Brand (or condition) Awareness

Lupus.net runs a brand and community awareness campaign every May that coincides with the nationally recognized Lupus Awareness Month. The goal is social growth, engagement, and email acquisition. The tactics used were onsite editorial content, social posts, a giveaway, and highlighting user-generated content.

Results: 4% social growth. 1% growth in email leads. 10% engagement improvement