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Hey My name is Mike. I'm an Art Director, Multidisciplinary Designer, and collaboration catalyst I live and work in not always sunny Philadelphia with my wife, kiddo, and beagle

If you’re looking to collaborate on something that means a lot to you, please, reach out however you prefer » email / twitter / instagram

What I Bring




Brand Design

Motion Design


Featured Projects

President's Gathering

Creative Direction & Web Design

Creating a unique product that represents the stories of individuals living with chronic conditions through a modular and exclusive design system.

Pauline Nader's

Brand & Logo Design

An urban flower farm with a focus on supporting pollinators and local wildflowers

Tannery Run

Brand & Logo Design

A brewery that utilizes a distinctive split-batch brewing technique.

Signature Donor Portal

UX/UI Design

Designing a 200-year-old non-profit’s first donor-accessible online portal that allows donors to self-service their information and keep up with their donations usage.

Patient Insider Product

UX/UI Design, Creative Direction

Creating a unique product that represents the stories of individuals living with chronic conditions through a modular and exclusive design system.

3D Illustration

Art Direction & Illustration

Fun, whimsical product and editorial illustrations

Logos & Icons

Brand Design

From fully-fledged brands to simple identity marks

Story-Driven Micro Site

Web Design, Art Direction

Revamping an online portal with captivating pictures, relatable anecdotes, and inspiring words from notable financial partners to encourage donations.


Don't just take my word for it, here is what past clients, employers, and direct reports have shared about me.

[Mike] possesses an incredible ability to dream up fresh ideas and new ways to “manipulate” communication vehicles to best deliver on client goals. And to top it off, he’s a lovely human, too. Mike would be a wonderful creative and strategic asset to any team.

Headshot of Emily Lux

Emily Lux

Creative Director, at Health Union

Resourceful and talented, he’s an excellent team player and team leader who has recently helped to launch a major brand into every media channel known to man.

Headshot of Dan Kalinowski

Dan Kalinowski

Creative Director at MC3
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Ready to work together?

I would love to chat about the open position you're looking to fill, a freelance project, or any idea you have. Or let's just have a coffee and talk shop! Let's Chat.

[Mike] helped develop new products, new processes, and new creative techniques. But it never stopped there, as he was always willing to share what he’d learned to help our team grow and continue pushing our creative work forward.

Headshot of Stacey Toseland

Stacey Toseland

Creative Director, Art at Health Union

Mike is the full package. He's extremely creative, very easy to work with, and provides excellent communication the entire way through a project.

Headshot of Jeff Gibbard

Jeff Gibbard

Chief Brand Officer, Speaker, Author

Mike is an incredible talent and people manager. He leads with understanding and compassion while keeping an eye on the goal and thoughtfully pushing for the best in those around him.

Headshot of Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson

Art Director at Health Union