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Patient Insider

My role: UX/UI Design, Creative Direction

The “Patient Insider” product showcases the journey of an individual’s chronic condition in a visually captivating and thoughtfully designed way. As the lead of the project, I worked alongside the copy and engagement teams to ensure the successful execution of this product. Our aim was to create a replicable and partially templatized project, which could be used to create influencer feature landing pages quickly while maintaining consistency with the patient insider brand’s visual identity.

The branding for Patient Insider is intentionally distinct from the usual style and visual language of Health Union. The goal is to make readers feel like they are experiencing something unique and special, while also indicating to clients that this is a one-of-a-kind service that they have invested in.

Team:  Stevie Clark (Designer) Emily Lux (content)

Bringing a new story experience

Considerations and Process

Our team took a component-driven approach, focusing on various content types and storytelling techniques, as brainstormed by the content team. Then the UX and design teams developed a system in which the content was key, the visuals were captivating, and ad space was paired with core content.

Design and Build Considerations

  • A different aesthetic from the illustrative Health Union Style
  • Account for a variety of combinations of content and number of components
  • Low or no-code build for fast build out based on client deadlines
  • Micro influencers tend to provide low quality photography
  • User views of ads for reporting back to clients.

Design Solutions

  • Utilize stylized photography, introduced a signature typeface, and an single stlye illustration library
  • Designed rows with a 50/50 split to allow modular components to work next to each other
  • Created a systematic and cohesive modular comonent library and a vast library of in-house stock illustrations
  • Developed a collaged and editorialized photo style with doodle elements overlaid
  • Paired key sections of the story with prime ad placements.

Custom Stock Library

This library of illustrations was developed through a collaborative effort between our team and the content team. Before partnering with a client and sourcing a patient influencer, we worked with the content and sales teams to create a list of topics that would likely be featured in this product. With that information, we were able to create this library.