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With my experience in designing various print collateral, including annual reports, long-form layouts, and print pieces, I can help bring your vision to life. Let me know what you have in mind, and we can work together to create something truly exceptional.

Illustrated Map & Gift

CHOP wanted to honor a valued donor on their special day by crafting an illustrated map showcasing all the buildings named after families across the city.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

CHOP takes every major donor report, project, and proposal as an opportunity to tell a unique story tailored to the project and the donor. They put their editorial flair into every deliverable, creating a captivating and personalized experience for their donors. Here are some examples of their spreads and covers that showcase their commitment to telling stories that inspire and resonate with their audience.

Trade Show Booth

Karani was looking for a tradeshow banner set featuring on-brand illustrations, an easily readable how-to guide, and a conveniently scannable QR Code at the bottom. Full of bold, eye-catching graphics, I opted to design something more subdued in an effort to be eye-catching by being minimal

Handlettered Gift

This hand-lettered poster was commissioned by the parents of a kindergarten class as an end-of-year gift for their teacher. The verse featured on the poster is the teacher's favorite, bordered by actual representations of the students' signatures.

Epic Annual Report

Over the past decade, a non-profit organization in Philadelphia has been dedicated to revitalizing and transforming the city through acceptance and people-focused tactics. Their efforts have brought about positive change and inspired many. To showcase their impact, they sought an annual report that would feature real stories from their congregants as well as details about their budget and donations.