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Hey. Hi. Hello!

Solid Friend

My role: Logo Design & Web Design

Solid Friend is a band and artist management company with a pulse on the punk and alternative scene. So often these bands and brands are so focused on their craft, sound, etc. that they don't think about getting paid, where they're sleeping, or making sure they get paid. That's where Solid Friend steps in.

I had previously worked with the founder (and now friend!) on previous projects, so when Katie came to me and said I have an idea and a vision, let's make it happen! So I sat down and in one afternoon of intense back and forth between the two of us we landed on this beauty of a brand.

Primary Logo and logo system

Full Logo

Icon aka "Schmitty"

Stacked Logo

Style Guide


Due to Solid Friend being a very personal 1:1 type business, I wanted the owner's personality to shine through on their website. So we partnered closely on the content and flow of the site, landing on something that shares what Solid Friend does and the how and why behind it.

It doesn't hurt that Katie herself is a wonderful writer and storyteller. Collaboration is key!

Shmitty, the unexpected mascot

While designing the wordmark and logotype for Solid Friend, I couldn't shake the idea that a simple smiley face needed to be added. Unfortunately, it didn't fit the vibe I was going for.

Knowing that crossed-out eyes are a regular occurrence in the punk scene, I tried a smiley with some Xs for eyes. That looked better, but it still wasn't right. I added a "scene hair swoop" and a little more dimension and bam Schmitty was born!

Schmitty's modus operandi is saying “I got you” at every opportunity to help bands.