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I have experience collaborating with businesses, organizations, and individuals of all sizes to improve their online presence. Below, you will find brief case studies of various websites I have built. If you would like to see more, please let me know, and we can arrange a conversation to discuss your specific project's needs.

J.R. Briggs

This website should cater to those curious about J.R.'s identity, those looking to hire him for his wisdom, and those interested in purchasing his books. The site should convey a casual and welcoming vibe, as if visitors are sitting down for a cup of coffee with J.R.

Amerisafe Group

Amerisafe Group needed a versatile design system that could update and modernize over 1,500 pages of semantically developed content without compromising the SEO and content marketing efforts they had undertaken over the years. Working closely with the development and content leads, I created a photo-driven design with ample room for a modernized look and feel.

Easter Sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial

After creating the branding for their annual Easter Sunrise service, National Community Church required a campaign mega landing page to serve as an informational hub from year to year. The key elements of the site needed to include the date and time, location map, and directions to the location, which is not easy to find.

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