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President's Gathering Branding

My role: Creative Director / Logo Designer

The American Bible Society’s Presidents Gathering is their signature event that happens once a year for their longest and most prestigious financial partners. The goal in creating the event logo was to strike a balance between being a unique and multifaceted brand while still representing the American Bible Society brand. This was particularly important given that the event was aimed at signature donors.

Logo Variations

The logo had to be versatile enough to be used in different scenarios, updated yearly, and segmented into various pieces. For instance, the "G" in the logo could be used as a wax seal, or the floral elements could be used separately. Below, you can see how other designers used the logo and the brand to create different assets, including an event microsite.

The logo could be co-branded with the American Bible Society Icon. A letter. The year could be updated each year, and the icon stands independently.

The Brand in Action

We designed a multi-step brand experience for our guests. Initially, they received a 'hold the date' notification. Later, we sent them a comprehensive invitation suite containing multiple pieces which included beneficiary stories, photography, and a link to an interactive event landing page with details about the event, lodging, and schedule.

Hold the Date and Formal Invitation and Investment Report

Save the Date designed by Jordan Grove

Formal Invitation designed by Rob Giorgio

Portfolio designed by Jordan Grove

Event Microsite and Agenda

The microsite served as a one-stop shop for all event details, including venue information, RSVP capabilities, FAQs, and a schedule of speakers. The goal was to inform attendee of what to expect while also giving them an agenda on their phone throughout the event.

Microsite designed by me

This project won a Hermes Creative Award in 2019 in the Print Media, Integrated Marketing, and Event Marketing categories. (view award)