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MHS Lift Rebrand

My role: Logo System and Brand Creative Direction (oversaw CreativeMMS' brand design implementation

MHS Lift is an award-winning, nationally recognized provider of warehousing and distribution solutions with roots in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It is a family-first organization with a history of being innovative and tech-forward in a very non-tech-forward industry.

MHS faced two major challenges during the rebranding process. The first challenge was their heavy reliance on burgundy and light blue brand colors, which were used everywhere from branded technician shirts to delivery trucks. They were open to exploring new color options, but after much consideration, we kept the original colors.

The second challenge was positioning themselves as a technical innovator in a tech-averse industry. We needed to balance a tech-forward look while still belonging in the logistics space.

Despite these challenges, we successfully achieved a logo that straddled the line, highlighting MHS's dedication to innovation and progress while reinforcing its legacy.

Primary Logo and logo system

Full Logo

No Tagline

Stacked Logo

Stacked Logo

Original and Rebranded Logo



Brand Guide

Icon System

I oversaw the creation of an icon system created by designers on the CreativeMMS team. The goal was to create a unified industrial yet friendly series of icons that could be repurposed on their site, social posts, and as needed.


The team over at CreativeMMS built out a new website (with my oversight for brand continuity) for the folks at MHS, ensuring that the brand was integrated across all touchpoints, including their proprietary customer portal

Inspiration and Early Exploration

Some samples that were gathered during the initial exploration phases.

...and some early explorations.