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My role: Creative Director

Farmacy is on a mission to provide fresh fruits and veggies at a price that suits all. This project was part of Philadelphia’s inaugural Make-A-Mark design-a-thon, where, over twelve hours, a team of designers work with a non-profit to help establish their visual identity. with a team of three other designers: Addy Peterson  Amber Weeks, and Jodee Winger.

Primary Logo and logo system

We wanted to channel the DIY, flexibility, seasonally appropriate, and mission behind the non-profit in the branding. Knowing this was a boot-strapped business with a great mission; our, our goal was to provide a brand that would look good professionally printed or hand-painted by the community on some handmade wooden tables.

Farmacy's logo system features illustrations of seasonal produce alongside the logo, emphasizing their commitment to seasonal produce. This theme is continued in their social media avatars.

Early variations

As we rapidly iterated these concepts, it became clear that certain options were too cluttered, lacked the authentic local feel, or were too intricate to be replicated easily.

CSA Delivery Bags (via Grid Magazine)

CSA Delivery Bags (via Grid Magazine)

The tagline was a vital brand element, the text lockup to be able to stand on its own.

Social focused marketing

We set up an Instagram and a Facebook page for their launch. We created a launch grid for Instagram and other social templates so the Farmacy team could make and share on-brand assets.

Learn More about Make A Mark here.

The Make A Mark Logo