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Hey. Hi. Hello!

Frustrated with the lack of page-to-page traffic and the user experience of the Health Union condition websites, I set out to create a more user-friendly navigation for our websites.

This project was met with some considerable upfront challenges. The biggest being that leadership was risk averse and not open to changing the navigation because it wasn’t broken. Redesigning the platform that powered 30+ sites is a huge technical lift. Finally, at the time, we had limited resources to dedicate to this. 


Data showed that we had minimal page-to-page navigation. Traffic came only from social media, with minor hits from deep in-page links. Knowing the benefits that would come from organic exploration, I needed to change that statistic.

Conducting a comprehensive site structure audit using Miro, I stripped away any visuals to focus on content and organization. I started with the existing navigation, which was ineffective and overly complex (left). I distilled it to the more organized and nested version (right), ensuring every element serves a purpose.


This was an self-initiated project with minimal stakeholders. I created a wireframe, pitched the wireframe internally, received feedback from the Creative Director, and then pitched to Product Managers. I implemented feedback and continued iterating.

The original navigation in the left image is clunky, unorganized, and hard to parse, and information is hidden under single-word links. The redesign (right) has more information at the ready and takes up the entire screen to provide more context for buckets of information.


The design includes branding and a large branded color field, making it more visually appealing and reducing its size to avoid confusing the user. These changes add a fresh look and feel and enhance the usability of these sites.

(note: the blurring is for presentation only, it is not part of the design)