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Story Driven Microsite

My role: Web Design & Art Direction

The power of stories can never be underestimated, especially when it comes to nonprofit fundraising. With the assistance of the digital team lead, fundraising innovation lead, and marketing department, we were able to create a captivating microsite that tells our story and engages our esteemed donors.

Original vs Story Driven

The original site was designed for small donations, but we aimed higher. We wanted to create a digital platform that reflected our mission and told the American Bible story from the perspective of significant contributors.

This collaborative project involved contributions from a senior copywriter, the fundraising campaign innovation team, and the marketing department. The result was a visually stunning microsite that showcases our efforts in the field and emphasizes our mission.

We made sure to incorporate brand videography, stories that connect with our donors, and a gentle call to action. And we didn't forget about mobile users, ensuring they had the same immersive experience with full-screen visuals.

This microsite is a testament to our commitment to making a difference in the lives of those we serve, and we are proud to share it with our esteemed donors.