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Signature Donor Portal

My role: UX/UI Design

Previous to this portal no online resource was available for signature donors to stay informed during ABS's largest single fundraising campaign. Although the information was available, it could only be accessed through a representative and an internal CRM. We realized that this needed to change.

Since this was ABS's first attempt at such a campaign, we took a cautious and intentional approach. We decided to create a minimum viable product (MVP) and limit it to high-end donors who had contributed to this particular campaign. This allowed us to work with a small data pool, iterate quickly, and avoid any issues that could arise with a large pool of data or unclear historical data.

Meeting the user where they are

As most of the donors in this small pool were middle-aged and older, high-powered, busy individuals, and likely not tech-savvy, we focused on a mobile-friendly design with clear data representation and easy-to-find information without compromising the desktop experience. The clean and straightforward brand for this campaign worked in our favor.

Our MVP focused on a conversational tone, simple design, listed transactions, and updating contact information. This served both us and the donors well, as we could ensure that their personal information was updated, their contributions were accurately reflected, and they knew who their advisor was.

We also recognized that some donors were seeking a more personal touch, so we added a small section where recent updates and stories could be shared. These stories were related to the campaign, and we plan to expand them in the future to include stories related to individual campaigns that donors contributed to.